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Where everyday is Sundae

When we first decided to open up our Ice Cream Food Truck, it was from the desire to serve Washington, DC citizens' with high-quality, delicious food and desserts at reasonable prices. Since then, we’ve been known as the only stop you need to get your belly full.  The Orange Cow is what happens when passionate food lovers get together and decide to share their love for ice cream and delicious food with the world.  Hitting the streets daily, The Orange Cow is a premier Food Truck that provides quick and delicious, food and dessert. 

Here at The Orange Cow, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your food and service. In doing so, we’re able to offer our customers high-quality food on-the-go at reasonable prices. If you’re feeling tired and bored from all of the options, the choice is simple; choose the best Ice Cream Food Truck in the Metro DC area.

Whether you want to sit and enjoy a delicious bite or enjoy your favorite flavor on the go - we got you covered!   Follow us and find out where we’re parked next!

Website Updated: Decemeber 11, 2023

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